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Elements of Style

The client and architect conceive of a plan; Galli Heritage makes those dreams and ideas into a tangible asset that you can touch and feel.

The sudden impact of a Galli home as it comes into view from the road or driveway can be breathtaking.

A closer look at the little details and elements of style are analogous to the fine details of individual brushstrokes that define a masterful painting.

This small sampling of images from Galli-built homes and commercial properties are a fraction of the elements that illustrate the refined style comprising every building project we undertake.  Note that the style may vary, but never the quality; the finest craftsmanship remains as the definitive characteristic of Galli Heritage and each home built since 1922.


The Front


Back Yards

Outside Details  
Formal Living Rooms  
Formal Dining Rooms  
Family Rooms  
Other Rooms  
Inside Details  



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