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The Heritage of Galli Builders

Galli's history: Old World Craftsmanship that began 80 years ago...

Words from Ray F. Galli Jr.
More from Garry Losk
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R. F. Galli, Builder

Ray F. Galli: founder


Where it all began: the first Galli business office.  

Galli's first floor plan; Hand drawn in the 1920s.

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Galli became well known through a reputation for building the best quality homes at a fair price.  
After becoming known for building high quality homes Galli began building entire neighborhoods and subdivisions. This San Francisco example is from the 1920s.  

"Success Comes to Builder
Who Defied Depression"

Text Version Easier reading of a 1935 San Francisco Examiner news article.
Full News Page Interesting reading; note large advertisement by Galli (200 kilobytes).

Galli's 2nd office building (referenced in the above news article) was located at 377 West Portal in San Francisco, and construction was completed in 1935.  It is now occupied by a few doctors and other professionals.  

Map of McLaren Park showing the location of our Model Homes in 1935...

and how they look today:


This 1939 advertisement in the San Francisco Examiner references "THE CARMEL" which still stands today:

Also mentioned is an affluent neighborhood that includes a number of duplex flats on Beaumont Avenue:

Ray Galli Jr. joined the business.  Read his story of the company over his lifetime.  
A Galli Gift Calendar from 1940.  
Ray Galli's father imigrated form Italy and opened a produce store.  
Garry Losk joined the firm in the 1970s and is now at the helm. Read is story.  


The tradition continues...


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